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Berkley, Apr 2003, 14.00, 326 pp. ISBN: 0425194256 Hugh Wellesley struggles with business decisions that could put a lot people out of work as a major corporation wants to buy the family glass company and shut it down by breaking it into pieces. However, Hugh's concentration on doing the right thing is deflected when he learns that the murdered corpse of his lover Sylvie was found ashore by the Dart. Fearing how his ailing devoted spouse Ginn...
Berkley, March 2003, 14.00, 384pp. ISBN: 0425188442 After several months in which former Parliament member Harry Richmond remaines missing at sea, his wife Ellen accepts the official ruling that he is presumed dead. Her upper-class friends and his political cronies presume Ellen is a grieving widow and treat her accordingly, though she knew her marriage was in trouble. At Harry's funeral service, a former military associate of Harry during t...