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Catching Alice
Having lost her job, flat and boyfriend within two weeks time, Alice Lewis decides to move from London to L.A. after reconnecting with an old friend, Tash. Before Alice and Tash leave for L.A., however, they celebrate their upcoming move in a London pub. At this pub, and unbeknownst to Alice, she captures the attention of an Irish director, Patrick Wilde aka Paddy. That night Patrick discovers Alice's plans to move and decides to follow her out to L.A...
Love: A User's Guide
this is a fun romance story - nothing soppy or teary. Amy is young & struggling to make her mark on the fashion world. She is a delightful dreamer, fantasizing about old world romantic heros from Charlotte Bronte & Jane Austin but giving them a modern feel. When she meets the handsome Orlando Rock - a successful actor fitting the imagine of the perfect leading man, their romance is spirited & funfilled. Amy learns the trials & tribulations of life in the...