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This book is about a witch who is imprisioned upon a planet completely alone with nothing but her magic. She eventually starts dragging children from earth and enslaving them on her planet. She enslaves Rachel and Eric, a brother and sister from a normal English family. But Rachel with much struggle conquers the witch and sets the children free....
The Magic Alliance
Rachel thought she would be able to live in peace after she defeated the witch Dragwena. But, the sorcerer's mother and sister think otherwise and they want vengeance, so they decide to conquer the Earth. They decide to use the little girls who fear them and do whatever the witches tell them to. Also, the bad witches obtain control over some adults' minds. Happily, some of the humans are trying to resist this attack and others, after experiencing the...
The Wizard's Promise
The magic of all children has been unlocked and they fly through the skies of Earth, casting spells and playing with their magic. But trouble is just around the corner for Rachel the talented spell-maker, Eric the magic-destroyer, Yemi, the most powerful child in the universe and the whole of Earth as the evil monster Griddas attack with their superior magic and enormous strength. Rachel and Eric must travel to Ool, the home world of the Griddas, to try...