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Colson Whitehead Message Board 1/1/2012
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John Henry Days
The latest issue in the American Folk Heroes series, a John Henry stamp, will be unveiled in the little town of Talcott, West Virginia, where John Henry is thought to have worked and died. The first annual "John Henry Days" festival brings a variety of people to town: J. Sutter, a young black journalist who is in the middle of a record "junketeering" run (in which free-lance journalists zip across the country on a steady diet of assignments, free food, a...
The Colossus of New York
Like a postcard of the Big Apple sent to a relative or close friend, Whitehead writes about the ordinary and everyday events, people, and places that make up the nation's largest city. He offers a look at life commuting among the teeming masses of people that spill into and out of the boroughs by bus each workday. Whitehead waxes poetic about such landmarks as the amusement park at Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Broadway. He puts forth images ...
Zone One
Mark Spitz is an average guy (a B student) tasked with helping clear post-apocalyptic Manhattan of infected "stragglers." These slow, confused zombies are left after their more dangerous, aggressive counterparts--"skels"--have been removed by the military. As a member of the civilian squad trying to reclaim the city, Mark falls into long, internal reminiscences of his former life, before and after "Last Night" (when the plague caused the apocalypse). ...