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Dark Dreams - Last T'en Trilogy 2
Bantam, Jul 2001, 5.99, 436 pp. ISBN: 0553581007 General Tulkham and his Gnebile army recently conquered Fair Isle, home to the powerful T'EN mage feared by mere mortals. To solidify his rule, he beds Imoshen, a female T'EN. Though part of the defeated race and now carrying the conqueror's child, Imoshen show no fear of the General. Instead she tries to educate him that a castle is not a home unless the couple living there trust one anoth...
Desperate Alliances - Last T'en Trilogy 3
Bantam, June 2002, 5.99 ISBN 0553581031 Reothe, the last T'En warrior, thought to marry Imoshen, the last T'En empress, when the Ghebite General and his warriors invaded their island home of Fair Isle. To insure that her people would survive, Imoshen married the General and gave him an heir. In time she came to love Tulkhan and their marriage was more than a political merger. Tulkhan and the Empress yearn only for peace so they can enjoy lif...