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Four Corners of Night
This is a story about a cop in a small semi urban city. (Toledo, Ohio) He, along with his partner and friend of many years work nights patroling and keeping the streets safe from gang and other criminal violence. Mack and Bank take on the task of locating a young girl, stolen in broad daylight just outside of her inner city home. This starts off emotionally as Bank himself, lost his daughter to a similar abduction years before. He's determined to se...
The Jazz Bird
Simon & Schuster, Jan 2002, 320 pp. ISBN: 0743212967 In October 1927 in Cincinnati, bootlegger George Remus kills his beloved spouse Imogene, known by all as THE JAZZ BIRD. Immediately following the homicide, George goes back to his specially modified Packard, but his misunderstood rambling leads his driver to take him back to his home in Eden Park. Afterward, a stupefied George grabs a cab and goes to the police station to turn himself in ...