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Dead Canaries Don't Sing
Bantam, Feb 2004, 6.99, 372 pp. ISBN0553586416 Veterinarian Jessica Popper has a very unique practice called Reigning Cats and Dogs. She has a clinic on wheels and travels allover Long Island meeting her clients in their homes. She just broke off with her boyfriend, a private investigator who she still loves, because he wants to marry her and she wants no part of the institution after seeing all the fights that happened between her parents. ...
Lead a Horse to Murder
A traveling vet by the name of Jessica Popper was on a normal routine on a neighboring polo horse farm. When finished looking over the horse, she sat with the owners and watched polo players play along the field. It happened quite suddenly-a famous professional player falls off his horse and unto the ground. As they each run to see if the man is unhurt, it turns out he had died quite unexpectedly as he had taken many falls before. Jessica begins to inve...
Putting on the Dog
Bantam, Sept 2004, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN 0553586424 During the month of June, Jessica does a favor for a fellow veterinarian by managing the “Ask the Vet” booth at the society fundraiser to raise money for the SPCA in the Bromptoms, a rich enclave on Long Island. Since her office is a large trailer, she will also treat pets as well as offer advice. She is staying at the guest house of famous movie star Shawn Elliot who shows that he is interested ...