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Harry's War
In war-torn England inSeptember 1941 thirteen-year-old Harry Lockwood steps off the train and embarks on his new life at Markham College, a boys' boarding school near London. With his father stationed in North Africa and his mother working in a munitions factory a hundred miles away, he is on his own. Soon, Harry finds himself fighting for survival in a new world where the misuse of power by sadistic prefects creates a closed society ruled by ...
Several mysterious happenings terrify an English family on the picturesque yet sinister Caribbean island of St. Barbe's. A huge four-legged creature stalks their little girl, Bobbie, in the grounds of the hotel which they operate. Next, Bobbie's older cousin, Jon, and his African-American girlfriend, Josie, discover a mutilated body in the island's reservoir, high in the rainforest. Josie's father, Judge Marvin Winchester, Anna Andersson, Director ...