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By Hook or by Book
Megan Clark and her fellow members of Mystery by the Yard, a mystery book reading group, are hosting the annual convention of the International String Figure Association. One of the conference attendees offers a rare manuscript on string figures for sale to the highest bidder which results in his murder and the theft of the manuscript. The members of the mystery reading group feel that the local police are not acting rapidly enough, and employ their tale...
Murder in Volume
Mystery lover Dr. Megan Clark talks her historian sidekick Dr. Ryan Stevens into joining her mystery reading group, Murder by the Yard, even though his favorite reading choices are Westerns. The members of the group are experts with very definite opinions, and when one particularly disagreeable member is murdered after a meeting, Megan and Ryan (under duress) undertake to find the killer. When an earlier murder in Amarillo appears to be linked, and stran...
Murder Past Due
Assistant Reference Librarian (and Dr. of Paleopathology!) Megan Clark has a plan to celebrate the six month anniversary of her mystery reading group, Murder by the Yard. She and her sidekick, Dr. Ryan Stevens are planning a tour of famous Amarillo murder sites. At one of the sites, the Gorman mansion, a young bride was strangled and her new husband, the obvious suspect, committed suicide a year later. The young husband's grandfather asks Megan and the r...