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Jezebel and the Egghead
Quirky, spunky, thirty-six-year-old Natty Devington is about to discover that falling in love with your sister's hunky fiancÚ can make a girl's life just a bit complicated. Having defended her now infamous Ph.D. dissertation on (of all things) the historic, literary, and cultural significance of romance novels, Natty turns her back on her family's considerable fortune to strike out on her own. As co-owner of a college-town bookstore dealing solely in ...
Shipping Sharon
Catching bony-assed Sharon Chaney in bed with her husband turns chunky Maisy Morganfield's life upside down. Finally, transformed through a significant weight-loss, Maisy is set to exact her long awaited, sweet revenge on her rotten, cheating ex-husband. The fact that the SOB has dropped dead of a heart attack in the act of cheating on his new wife, Sharon, complicates matters. Paying her final "disrespects" at the funeral home, Maisy meets her drea...