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Lanterns Over Demner
The Special Forces taught Governor Eccles how to develop a telepathic block. A free trader summons four members of the Special Forces to Eccles' castle-like estate in the Demner Mountains, planet Dauropa. Eleven people are present--one of whom is a murderer. Smugglers receive and fight over mysterious shipments from planets Jalug and Dauropa. The containers end up with several parties. It is up to the Special Forces to find out what is in them. ...
Spies By Night
Spies By Night by Dale A. Kagan XLibris 380 pages. ISBN 1-010-7947-0 The interstellar corporation General Transit is set to inaugurate the use of its teleporter which allow instantaneous planet to planet transport for the first time, but someone has sabotaged Earth's solar platform which provides the energy that powers the teleporter. Someone has also kidnapped Volans Mirfak, an engineer who is important to the teleporter project. At the heart...