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Loving Jessie
Mira, Jan 2002, 6.50, 384 pp. ISBN: 1551667916 In California, her loving grandfather, who raised her, died six months ago leaving Jessica Sinclair all alone in her grief. Almost thirty, Jessie realizes she wants a husband and children, but as the world's oldest virgin sees no chance of that happening. Of her childhood pals, Reilly McKinnon married five years ago the lovely Dana though he is having marital problems and Matt Latimer left eons...
Short Straw Bride
The McLain brothers decide that one of them needs to get married. They decide this based on the fact they don't like their cooking and their place hasn't been cleaned since their mothers death 3 years ago. To determine who will have to wed they decide to draw straws, with the short straw having to find a bride. Luke draws the short straw and the next weekend both he and Daniel go to church to let Luke find an “acceptable woman”. Eleanor has lived w...
Substitute Wife
Cat, the main female character, becomes engaged to Luke, the main male characture, after a "not quite" stepsister dumps him. Luke agrees to pay Cat to marry him so he can use his marriage to inherit a winery from his grandfather. Cat uses her marriage to try to win Luke's love. In a subplot, a friend of Cat's and a friend of Luke's fall in love. ...