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Past Malice
Avon, June 2003, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN 0380819562 The Stone Harbor Historical Society wants to build a gift house with bathrooms on the grounds of Chandler Home and they hired archeologist Emma Fielding to set up a site where they want to dig. Emma plans to identify any archeological remains and to learn more about the Chandler family who was a power in the community in the early eighteenth century. Emma lives in nearby Lawton, Massachusetts so th...
Site Unseen
Avon, Feb 2002, 6.50, 352 pp. ISBN 0380819546 Emma Fielding works as an assistant professor of archeology at Caldwell College in Maine. She is doing everything she can to guarantee she obtains tenure when she is eligible for it. She is heading a dig off the Maine coast belonging to her closest friend Pauline and she is looking for the oldest settlement in the New World, one that was founded fifteen years before the landing at Plymouth. ...