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Big Fish
It was an ordinary day,like any other and a son gets a phone call that his father was dying. The son remembers his father's stories as he is going home. His father was Edward Bloom who was born during the driest summer in forty years. The year Edward turned nine it snowed in Alabama. He never forgot a name, your favorate color or face by the time he was twelve. Flash forward to his faher dying and Dr. Bennett who seems even older then his father tells hi...
Ray in Reverse
Ray Williams is dead, having died of cancer. He is sitting in heaven as part of a group that meets to discuss the last words that they speak upon their deathbeds. Ray is uptight and everyone lies to try and impress the others. Ray loses his temper and storms off. He revisits his life in stages going back ward in time from recent events to distant events eventually reaching his early childhood. Ray thinks back on the time his wife left him for anothe...