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At Peace in the Light
This book touches briefly on Dannion's 2 near-death experiences and his poor health after being struck by lightning. The author then details his struggle to adapt to his new psychic abilities and how he uses these abilities and his knowledge of heaven to comfort dying people and remove their fear of death. He also explains how doing a life review with the sick person can be instrumental in effective hospice work. “At Peace in the Light” is worth r...
Saved by the Light
“Saved by the Light” details “what it is like to die” and what Love waits for us in heaven. He recounts his life as a bully and merciless fighter until age 25, when he was hit by lightning and had his first near-death experience. Dannion's injuries were so great that he was expected by doctors to die. Dannion returned from heaven a changed, compassionate man. He was shown how to build relaxation center, shown future events, and developed psychic abi...