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Deception: The UFO Conspiracy
Dr. Everett Scarborough, famous UFO skeptic, has discovered that he has been a government patsy for 20 years. He is framed for several murders and his daughter is kidnapped by a secret government agency. Along with a tabloid reporter and an Air Force lieutenant, Scarborough evades authorities while trying to uncover the truth and rescue his daughter....
The Tawdry Yellow Brick Road
Five Star, Jul 2004, 25.95, 322 pp. ISBN: 1594141940 In Eugene, Oregon, parole officer Madrigal “Maddy” Harper raises her twelve years old son Skylar by herself in a trailer park. Sky's dad not only failed to grow up, but also deserted his child once he realized the kid suffered from Asberger's Syndrome, a type of Autism. Sky rarely finds anything fascinating so when he does Maddy goes all out to further his interest. Thus, they attend a Sta...