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George Formby: a Troubled Genius
George Formby, the son of a music hall entertainer who died at a comparatively early age, followed his father on the stage. Thanks largely to his wife Beryl, he became not only a very successful performer with his singing and ukulele playing, but one of the most popular film stars in Britain during the war years. He also travelled extensively abroad to entertain the troops. After the war he ceased making films, and returned to the theatre and pantomim...
Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr
This is an unauthorized,sexually explicit biography of Joan Crawford. The author bases his "Information" on a close friendship with Marlene Dietrich in her later years. Since she and Miss Crawford never made a film together and had little or no contact with one another during their careers in Hollywood, as well as the fact that they were movie queen rivals, his source is not one that I would consider reliable. There is NOTHING in this book that is any...