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A Perfect Night to go to China
Roman, a popular TV interviewer, is at home with his 6 year old son, when he decides to go out for just 15 minutes. When he returns, his son has vanished! Of course there is the frantic police search and extensive media coverage. But most of this beautifully written little book deals with Roman's feelings, actions and relationships after this terrible loss. He starts doing rather bizarre things, like visiting houses he never visited before; his dream wo...
The Film Club
David Gilmour (not Pink Floyd's guitarist) finds himself unemployed and too old to find a new job. His career as a movie reviewer for a Canadian TV show is over and his son, Jesse, seems to be in a phase as complicated as David's. Jesse has no interest in any discipline taught in school and emphasizes this with terrible grades. David realizes how much he hates to see his son so uninterested with school and life itself and makes a pact with Jesse: Jesse's...