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Eden's Gate
Forge, Jun 2001, 24.95, 301 pp. ISBN: 03128619X Former national security agent Bill Lane is in Kalispell, Montana on an undercover assignment. Bill along with his English wife Frances Shipley head up The Room, a top-secret organization that reports to the White House and Ten Downing Street. Because of the panic of the German government, Bill is trying to infiltrate the militia headed up by Herbert Sloan, who reportedly is an alias of the vi...
Joshua's Hammer
Mr. Hagberg's book deals with the very real possibility of terrorists smuggling a small nuclear weapon into the United States. The entire government mobilizes to prevent subsequent devastation....
The Kill Zone
Forge, Oct 2002, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312873344 After spending a quarter of the century spying in various hot spots, Kirk “Mac” McGarvey looks forward to spending the rest of his life in the arms of his wife and child. However, the President nominated Mac to replace recently retired CIA Director Roland Murphy, the dream culmination of a dedicated career man. Still Mac wonders if he wants the aggravation as teaching Voltaire seems more appropri...