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The Bright Silver Star
St. Martin's, Nov 2003, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312307144 Near Dorset, Connecticut, movie star Tito Molina drives through the protective railing overlooking a cliff side to his death. Though it appears to have been an accident, State trooper Desiree Mitry investigates the incident with the press corps devouring everyone and everything in its quest for sensationalism. The media is bad enough, but Tito's fans also flock to the site impeding the inv...
The Burnt Orange Sunrise
Dunne, Oct 2004, 23.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0312307357 On the surface film critic Mitch Berger and state trooper Desiree Mitry have nothing in common. She is a black Christian and he is white. She is athletically fit while he is a fat. She keeps her feelings inside while he is an extrovert wearing them on his sleeves. In spite of all that and more they share a terrific personal relationship. They even have successfully solved a couple of homicide ...
The Hot Pink Farmhouse
St. Martin's, Nov 2002, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN 0312280157 Dorset, Connecticut is a quaint New England town, which is home to world renown sculptor Hangtown Frye. He has two daughters living with him, Moose the apple of his eye and Takai an evil slut. Moose is coming home after a night of sex with her married lover when someone using a sniper's rifle shoots out the engine causing it to explode. When the police determine somebody murdered Moose, ...