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Paradise News
From Heathrow, a plane of English tourists leaves for Hawaii. On the plane is Bernard Walsh, a theology teacher who has a fear of women, and his garrulous father. They are travelling to meet Bernard's aunt, who is dying of cancer. Although Bernard is genuinely concerned about the suffering that his long-ignored aunt must be going through, the rest of the Washes seem more concerned about the money that she is likely to leave behind. Bernard meets th...
Small World
David Lodge's book is a hilarious and entertaining romp through the world of academia. Professors around the globe attend conferences in order to read papers, build their reputations and enter into love affairs. Pearse McGarrigle finds himself swept up in the world of conferencing, although his interest is not really in the papers presented. Pearse travels around the globe trying to locate the mysterious Al Pabst, the beautiful woman he met at a confe...