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Cloud Atlas
Adam Ewing is an american notary finally headed home after a long seaboard voyage to Australia where he oversaw the notarization of important documents for a client of his. During the return voyage, Adam is stricken by a mysterious brain ailment that makes him progressively weaker. He passes by writing in a journal, detailing his day to day activities and the efforts of Henry Goose, a kindly physician who happened to be on board. From there the story...
This brilliant first novel is a series of stories interwoven by chance meetings and coincidences. It starts with the doomsday cult Sarin nerve gas attack in Tokyo and follows one of the fugitive attackers. Next there is the story of a jazz shopworker and his love affair with a customer also set in Tokyo. Then to Hong Kong and financial shenanigans involving a British expat and a fraudulent Russian mafia financial transaction that ruins his life there...
20 year old Eiji Miyaki arrives in Tokyo on a mission to find the father he has never met. He finds a job working in the lost property office of a station and a room to live in above a video shop. Staking out the office of the lawyer who knows his father, he fantasies about storming in and confronting the lawyer and meets a waitress Ai Imajo with a beautiful neck who he later dates and falls in love with. Wandering alone around video arcades he meets...