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Bury the Lead
Andy Carpenter is a rich lawyer who inherited cash, but is itching to get back to work. When a reporter is accused of committing a crime because the killer talks to him, Andy steps in to defend him. He's not sure he's innoncent, but soon becomes convinced that he's not guilty. But he's not sure who did it...someone in organized crime. Several friends of the reporter offer to help, but all of a sudden during the trial another murder takes place and the jo...
First Degree
Mysterious, May 2003, 24.95, 230 pp. ISBN: 0892967544 Paterson, New Jersey attorney Andy Carpenter enjoys the freedom of newly acquired wealth, though the accompanying fame from his previous OPEN AND SHUT CASE makes him a mark for every local felon in the city where Lou Costello was born. Still proving death row inmate Willie Miller innocent was quite a feat, but though bored and able to be selective in choosing whom he wants to represent, Andy ...
Open and Shut
Mysterious, May 2002, 23.95, 241 pp. ISBN: 089296748X In New Jersey judicial circles, the name Nelson Carpenter is legendary as the former District Attorney earned the respect of the entire state. In Passaic County, Nelson's oldest born, defense attorney Andy Carpenter abuses that reputation that enables him to avoid contempt charges due to his questionable courtroom antics that irritate judges and prosecutors, but frees his clients. Nelson a...