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Going Down for the Count
Kensington, Aug 2002, 23.00, 2569 pp. ISBN: 0758200390 Robert Willsop has finally met the man of his dreams. No one since the Brownings is a bigger romantic then Robert, a believer in forever-true love, though he rarely scores a fleeting relationship. Perhaps German Count Siegfried von Schmidt shares that same hopeless feeling. Even when wealthy charismatic Michael Starks tries to steal the boyfriend from his best friend, the count remains tru...
Someone Killed His Boyfriend
Kensington, Jul 2002, 14.00, 259 pp. ISBN: 0758200412 Michael Starks informs his friend feminine hygiene products' copywriter Robert Willsop that he is in love and going to marry Max. Since Michael goes through men at a rate faster than a paid professional, Robert remains skeptical that this is just the flavor of the day for his promiscuous pal. When Robert meets the gorgeous Max he thinks of ways to kill Michael because he wants the hunk in hi...