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Regina's Song
Del Rey, June 2002, 26.95,432 pp. ISBN0345558987 Regina and Renata Greenleaf are identical twins, born and raised in Everett, a small town thirty miles north of Seattle. They are so alike that even their own mother can't tell them apart and they share a private language that they only understand. They think of Mark Austin as their unofficial big brother whose job is to gets them out of scrapes. When tragedy strikes and Regina is murdered, Renat...
The Elder Gods
David & Leigh Eddings Warner, Oct 2003, 25.95 ISBN: 0446532215 Four Gods commanding a specific directional point each control the Land of Dhrall and its people. Brothers dominate north and south while sisters rule east and west. However, in the center where the compass converges lies That-Called-The-Vlagh, a creature not under godly power with ambitions to conquer the land. The deity quartet raise children to become dreamers to fulfill the p...
The Redemption of Althalus
This single-volume epic fantasy tells the story of Althalus, a highly talented thief who prides himself upon being the best of his trade. Attracted by the riches of the modern cities of the plains, Althalus gets out of his frontierland to rob the wealthy merchants of their goods. But after several fruitless attempts to break in luxurious houses, he has to realize that his luck, which he's been counting on for so many years, has turned sour on him. And...