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Dante's Blackmailed Bride
A young woman has to mend her broken reputation with her prominent jeweler family, and the only way to do it is to marry a man she hates - but as clues come to light that she did not deserve her bad reputation, that marriage of hate could turn to love. This book is part of a series, charting the romances of an Italian family, but while I have read the other books before, this book has stayed with me for some reason. As far as cheesy romance novels go, it...
Shotgun Bridegroom
Sam was a poor boy who was run out of town after he tried to elope with Annie, from one of the prominent families. Now he's back and rich, and determined to get Annie. Annie is determined to be seduced by him but doesn't think she deserves his love any longer. The whole town is secretly determined to preserve their darling Annie's innocence, not realizing that Sam is the honorable one this time....