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Men in Black: The Grazer Conspiracy
Jay and Elle are back in this sequel to Smith's Green Saliva Blues. This time, they are tracking a saboteur that invited the Grazers - the most hated race in the galaxy who feed endlessly on a planet's plant life - to earth. Now, thousands of Alien Spacecraft are massing above Earth united by the common goal of getting rid of the Grazers. So, before guns and tempers start flaring, the Men in Black must get the Grazers out, and find the sabatour whose tra...
Men in Black: The Green Saliva Blues
Agents Kay and Elle of the Men in Black are on the trail of man-eating alien plant like creatures. They have come to Earth for a nice relaxing vacation with all the humans they could eat. They just didn't expect the Men in Black to be there. A very funny if sometimes intense but very worthy sequel to Men in Black. Has that same lighthearted feel in the midst of something really bizaar, which leads to fits of laughter at the jokes that are cracked, and...