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Mulligan Stew
This is one of the Irish Eyes Series of Books. Years Ago, Cully Mulligan visiting the US, sweeps Bridget off her feet. She fell desperately in love with him, they were quickly married, but then he vanished. For years, she presumed he had abandoned her - and the son he never knew he had, forcing her to work to support herself and their son. But suddenly fate steps in. She learns that Culley did not abandon her, but was killed in a car accident. Since...
Mulligan's Magic
Jove, Apr 2003, 5.99, 306 pp. ISBN: 0515135119 New York City police officer John Desmond was proud of his son Nick when he became a detective. Nick was assigned to a special task force to bring down the Fazzini Drug Empire, but everything went wrong. They killed his father in what the department claimed was a drive by shooting. Then the crime family planted evidence that Nick was on the take. Now Nick works as a private sleuth taking odd jobs...
No Place For A Lady
Zebra, Nov 2001, 352 pp. ISBN: 0821770918 In 1888 London, Lady Elizabeth Summersby learns that it takes only one indiscretion to become pregnant. Her one night stand lover Dirk Ballinger had returned to his ranch in America when Elizabeth's father sends him a letter informing him that he impregnated his daughter and expects the honorable action of marriage. Though it was not Dirk who went to London, he knows he must marry because his nefari...