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A Necessary Bride
Margaret Stanton-Lynch finds herself at a loss. With both parents dead, her brother married, and her elderly grandfather away, she is left to live with her cousin in the country. Through this cousin, she meets Justin St. James, the Earl of Rathmore, an accused murderer. Justin is, of course, innocent. He has been in exile for six years, having been sent away by his family who did not believe in his innocence. Now, with his uncle and cousin dead, h...
A Necessary Husband
Avon, May 2002, 5,99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380819082 In 1805 London, a very disappointed General Northcott lectures his daughter Lucinda that she has brought shame to their family name that has been above reproach for over two centuries. He insists she will marry the younger son of an earl instead of the older one whom she loves. Harry Devering not her beloved Malcolm becomes her spouse. For the next decade Lucinda is the paragon of proper behavior,...
Three Nights
Avon, Mar 2004, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060561661 In 1810 Cornwall, Aveline Stoddard begs Lucien DuFeron not kill her father. Lord Chestwick lost a lot of money gambling to Lucien and then accused him of cheating. Lucien asks remittance on her father's gambling bill and will throw in the loser's life in exchange for three nights of sex with Aveline. Both are stunned by how much they enjoy the tryst, but on the final morning they depart with nasty...