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Heart of Stone - Astrologer 1
Ace, Feb 2001, 6.50, 299 pp. ISBN: 0441008076 By 2130, earthquakes and gigantic flooding caused by tidal waves dramatically have changed the face of the planet leading to chaos. During the abyss, a power hungry individual grabbed control and declared himself Emperor. A few generations later, his descendants still rule. With the discovery of zero-point gravity, the after life is no longer a mystery and astrology is one of the most influential o...
Wayward Moon - Astrologer 2
Ace, Jul 2001, 6.50, 304 pp. ISBN: 0441008305 In the future with the discovery of zero pint gravity, death no longer remains a mystery, as it is only a portal from one life into another. Astrology regained credibility as a science with people like Philipa Cyrion assisting the police in solving crimes through horoscopes, reading palms and cards. Disgusted with earthly politics and its ruler Emperor Theo, Philipa joins Hadrien as independ...