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Another City, Not My Own
The trial of OJ Simpson made stars out of Judge Lance Ito, and the attorneys involved: Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, and Johnnie Cochran, who were known as "the Dream Team". What seemed to be forgotten in all of this, was the fact that two human beings had been brutally murdered, and the man accused of murdering them was an A-list celebrity. The details which made up this case, mostly having to do with the sex lives of the victims, interested ...
The Way We Lived Then: Recollections of a Well Known Name Dropper
As a child, Dominick Dunne made a trip out to Hollywood with his aunt. He was immediately fascinated by everything he saw out there, and he vowed that one day he would live in Hollywood, and that he would be famous, and that he would be close friends with all the stars. He came from a wealthy family in Connecticut, his father was a noted heart surgeon, and his grandfather had been a bank president. After winning the Bronze Star in World War 2, Domin...