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Falling Man
Falling Man is a post-September 11 story that follows lawyer Keith Neudecker, who escaped from the burning Twin Towers, and his attempt to adjust to life again after the tragedy. Keith and his wife Lianne were separated before the planes hit. After the incident, Keith returns to her home, looking for the comfort of his family. Keith and Lianne have one young son named Justin, who often looks out the window with binoculars, searching for planes in the sk...
The Body Artist
Lauren Hartke employs her own body as a canvas. She is the third wife of Rey Robles, a filmmaker who commits suicide shortly after the novel begins. As Lauren attempts to cope with the loss at a rented New England house near the ocean, she discovers a strange man living in one of the upstairs rooms. He doesn't speak in complete sentences, and often parrots things she or Rey had said in the preceding weeks. Lauren questions and tape records the stranger, ...
White Noise
In this postmodern novel set in the 1980s, Jack Gladney is a professor at a small private college in a sleepy suburban town. He becomes friendly with one of the new professors in this department and throughout the novel, they have a series of strange philosophical conversations about life. Gladney is married to an ordinary woman named Babette. They both have several children from previous marriages, and all of these children seem to behave and speak l...