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The Ax
Burke Devore is an average man. Married with one child, he's been unemployed for two years, the victim of the downsizing that raises the stock value for shareholders of the paper plant he used to work at. He's gone to interviews, sent resumes, but he's come to a conclusion. The competition is getting in his way. He needs to eliminate the competition. With despair and rage pounding at his soul he puts together a meticulous plan that gives him the exa...
The Road to Ruin
Mysterious Press, April 2004, 25.00, 342 pp. ISBN 08929680130 Once he was society's darling, invited to all the posh social events of the season, but now Monroe Hall doesn't ever leave his Pennsylvanian estate and nobody he used to call friend comes calling. As an executive officer in a well to do company, he embezzled funds that belonged to the workers and the investors. A fleet of high powered lawyers have kept him out of jail and even though...
Watch Your Back
Mysterious, April 2005, 24.95, 310 pp ISBN 0892968028 The family of New York fence Arnie Albright is so fed up with his obnoxious nasty personality that they stage an intervention and send him to the resort island of Club Med in the Caribbean to get a personality transplant. There he meets Preston Fareweather. The wealthy venture capitalist has been living on the island for three years to avoid being served the subpoenas, injunctions and other ...