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“DragonQuest” continues the story of Kale, a former slave girl freed and assigned to be the Dragon Keeper in “DragonSpell,” Book 1 of the series. Kale's major task in Book 1 was to rescue a rare and valuable dragon egg from the evil wizard Risto and deliver it to the good wizard Fenworth. In Book 2, we learn that the little dragon born from the egg is bound to Kale, since she has been carrying the egg, and wizard Fenworth, despite all his knowledge an...
Kale Allerion is a slave who discovers she has a power to be drawn to dragon eggs. She lives on a planet that is like Earth, with mountains, forests, fields, and swamps. After finding her first dragon egg, she is sent to the city to learn more and become a servant to King Paladin. But before she can get there, she finds another dragon egg and is sent on a quest to recover a very valuable dragon egg from the evil Wizard Risto. Along the way, she...