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Everyday Heaven
Donna Williams, diagnosed with autism, is actually a relative recluse on a farm in the middle of nowhere, completely controlled by her obsessive rather Autistic-Spectrum and somewhat multiple-personalitied husband, Ian. Now, on the day of their second wedding aniversary, only one week after the death of her eccentric rather bipolar father from cancer and in the middle of the filming of a documentary about her life, Donna is falling deeply 'in like...
Like Color To The Blind
Autistic author Donna Williams never knew what it was to feel her hand and her leg at the same time let alone experience herself and other person within one moment of processing. Nor did she know the difference between real felt communication and the push button learned 'talking doll' responses and caricatures that made up almost all of her so called 'purposeful' communication and actions with others. Now, in her new relationship with Ian, an as...
Somebody Somewhere
After a life of abuse, domestic prostitution, homelessness and poverty Donna Williams wandered her way back to Australia. The words of her childhood life deaf, psychotic, disturbed now get swept aside with a formal diagnosis as autistic as she stumbles upon and enters into therapy with an eccentric an innovative psychologist, Theo Marek and they try to understand each other with astoundingly different language, concepts, realities and 'normality', viewi...