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Bastard Out of Carolina
Ruth Anne Boatwright, nicknamed Bone, is the narrator and the bastard of Dorothy Allison's "Bastard Out of Carolina." Beginning with her birth during an automobile accident and her mother's attempts to get the red inked block letters of illegitimacy removed from her birth certificate, she chronicles her childhood in Greenville until she is almost thirteen. Bone's family is “working class,” others would probably call them white trash. Bone loo...
Delia is determined to make a life change when her daughter's father Randall dies in a motorcycle accident. Delia is left alone after she loses the love of her life and falls into a deep depression. She left the life she'd known in Cayro, Georgia and her two young daughters behind to follow a rock and roll singer. Her regret is long and ten years after having his baby, the rough life of being with a cheating music man has taken a toll on her body. Ten...