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Blood Covenant
In the late seventies, KGB Chairman and someday-General Party Secretary Andropov commissions the creation of suitcase-size nuclear weapons. The Soviet Empire crumbles, the Cold War ends, and the weapons are forgotten until today. A Hezbollah terrorist cell decides to make New York's Fourth of July celebration a bit brighter than usual. The threat catapults Special Forces Major Jim Harper and spymaster Louis Edwards into a desperate race against time ...
Point of Honor
This book is based on a real events. In November 1997, Saddam Hussein ejected the UN Weapon Inspector teams. This is the story of what took place during that week. A clandestine mission is launched to seek and destroy a deadly new form of VX gas before it can be mounted on Saddam's remaining SCUDS and fired at Israel....
Reap the Whirlwind
December 1999, the United States relinquishes control of the Panama Canal. The Chinese-owned Panama Ports Company assumes control and a veil of secrecy descends over the strategic waterway. A clandestine mission to China's Fujian province discovers that most of the missiles pointed at Taiwan are dummies. CIA analyst Jonas Benjamin suspects the missing missiles are being shipped to Panama on Chinese container ships. He sets out for the Panama Zone...