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Accordion Crimes
The main character in this story is a beautiful green button accordion. An Italian musician and instrument maker makes the accordion and takes it from his native Sicily to New Orleans in 1890, dreaming of making and selling similar instruments. When the accordion maker is killed in anti-Italian rioting, the instrument falls into the hands of a black blues musician who works the river boats. The musician is murdered by his partner, who pawns the accordi...
That Old Ace in the Hole
Bob Dollar, who's been raised by a poor but loving uncle, is on his own for the first time, working for a disreputable real estate company. The company sends Bob to a small town in the Texas Panhandle to sweettalk landowners out of their property so that it can be converted into hog farms. Our hero's first step is to rent living quarters from a talkative woman who fills him in on the history of the area and introduces him to some of the neighbor...
The Shipping News
THE SHIPPING NEWS by E. ANNIE PROULX This novel is the story of protagonist Quoyle, a cuckold who loses his wife, and together with his 6-year old daughter and elderly Aunt Agnis, sets out to Newfoundland, their ancestral home. Quoyle lands a job in a small newspaper office in Newfoundland writing a column about the comings and goings of yachts -- The Shipping News. Both the beauty and harshness of Newfoundland are wonderfully portrayed. Along the way Q...