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A Hobby of Murder
Retired professor Andrew Basnett has finally completed writing the biography of Robert Hooke which he started at the beginning of his retirement and he is looking for a new interest to occupy his time. During a visit with friends in the village of Lower Milfrey, he meets people with many interesting hobbies such as photography, magic, bird-watching, and embroidery. At a large dinner party given by Sam Waldron, whose hobby is cooking, one of the guests di...
A Murder Too Many
Retired botany professor Andrew Basnett has returned to Knotlington University where he had taught for many years to attend the Conference of the Botanical Association. He is drawn, rather unwillingly, into investigating a murder which occured at the university two years previously. Carl Judd, an artist, was murdered, and Stephen Sharland was convicted of the crime and is currently in prison serving his sentence for the murder. There are, however, still...
Something Wicked
Retired professor Andrew Bassnet is staying in his nephew's house in the village of Godlingham while his nephew is in Paris. Andrew enjoys the quiet village and the company of his new neighbors. Then, during a heavy snowstorm, the electric power goes off, and Andrew finds a dead body in his cold, dark house. This murder bears a remarkable resemblance to an unsolved murder which took place in the village ten years before, and Andrew is drawn into searchin...