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Moonchasers and Other stories
Forge, Dec 2000, 14.95, 384 pp. ISBN: 0312877188 is one of the main reasons I am an insomniac. Several years ago, he and a couple of fellow thugs persuaded me to try an anthology. My meat and potatoes are novels, but I soon found a gourmet's delight in short stories so that I spend several nights reading a tale or two from a collection. Mr. Gorman's latest anthology exclusively includes only tales written by him. That alone guarant...
Daw, Feb 2002, 6.99, 320 pp. ISBN 0756400503 From the dawn of time, the human race was split into two sub-species. One is the Normals while the other is the minority Witches, who have extra sensory powers involving telekinesis, telepathy, healing, and mind control. The Witches did whatever was necessary to hide their powers from the Normals, but as evidenced by the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials and other purging events, they were not ...
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Carroll & Graf, Jan 2001, 22.95, 208 pp. ISBN: 0786707755 In 1959 throughout the heartland, everyone knows the Ruskies are coming with Khrushchev visiting Iowa. The Soviet Premier's visit stirs up much activity as the anti-Communists shout "Better Dead than Red". Right wing activists target left wing sympathizing Americans such as noted local writer Richard Conners. Taking the threats to his life seriously, Richard turns to attorney-...