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Return to the Stars
When John Gordon starts believing that his advantures as Zart Arn were just a fantasy, he is brought to stars again, this time in full flesh. Gordon meets his beloved Lianna, and flies with her to her home planet. On the way, they are forced to change course and land on Lianna's cousin's planet, inhabiteed by non-humanoid race. Narat Tein (Lianna's cousin) is organizing a revolt against Lianna, with the help of many non-humanoid races, as well as Cou...
Star Kings
John Gordon is a regular insurance agent. All of a sudden he starts hearing a voice in his head calling him by name. After few nights, he decides to answer the voice, and learns that a man named Zart Arn, 2000 centuries from the future is communicating with him. Zart is a Prince and a scientist who studies the past and wants to switch minds with Gordon. Gordon agrees and wakes up in Zart's laboratory in the future. After about a week in the company of Za...