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Fanny: A Fiction
This novel is a fictional "biography" of nineteenth century feminist and social reformer, Fanny Wright. Her "biographer" is her friend Frances Trollope. The novel pretends to be an unfinished manuscript of this biography. British housewife Mrs. Trollope, admires Fanny Wright so much that she leaves her husband in Britain, and brings her children to America where Fanny is planning to establish a utopian community. However, when the family arrive in Ameri...
The Married Man
This is the story of the love affair between Austin, an American in Paris and Julien, a French architect. They meet in Paris and fall in love. Julien has many secrets, including a wife, a sham aristocratic background, and AIDS. The novel focuses on the relationship between the two men as their bodies deteriorate and they go through many emotional and physical changes....