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Dog Eat Dog
Troy Cameron is a sharp, commited criminal finishing a fifteen-year sentence in San Quentin. Once he's out he connects with his friend and crime partner Diesel Carson, a heavily-muscled thug on the San Francisco mob's payroll who's losing interest in his wife and child, and is eager to join in Cameron's plan to rob drug dealers and pimps, people who can't go to the cops when hit. The two men connect with Mad Dog McCain, a schizo to whom Troy feels indebt...
No Beast So Fierce
Career criminal Max Dembo finds himself paroled from prison after a long stretch for running a check-forging scheme. Max, a former heroin-addict who kicked his habit and became self-educated in jail, resolves to go straight but is stymied at every turn by an apathetic parole officer who won't give him a break, a prejudiced society that won't give him a job, and the temptations of his old life, which seem to be omnipresent. Finally deciding that quitting...
The Animal Factory
Ron Decker is a handsome, intelligent young man sentenced to a two-year stretch in San Quentin for drug possesion and distribution. His clean cut looks attract the attention of sexual predators; he's revulsed at the depravity inside the walls of the prison; he's ill-equipped to deal with the bubbling racial hatred and the violence that can come from any direction. Enter Earl Copen, a hardened prison veteran who's learned to thrive behind bars. ...