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Anacaona: Golden Flower
Anacaona's story begins in the year 1490 when she is about sixteen years old. Her uncle is the cacique, or supreme ruler, of their province of Xaragua, located in what is now Haiti. Anacaona and her older brother, Behechio, have been raised to become the future rulers of Xaragua. But Anacaona gives up her birthright to marry Caonabo, the cacique of the nearby province of Maguana. Anacaona loves her husband and is happy in her marriage, and her joy only i...
Breath, Eyes, Memory
Sophie moves from her native Haiti to live with her traumatized mother and must overcome these fears as they threaten to pass on to her. Sophie is a young girl living in Haiti with her aunt and grandmother. When she receives a plane ticket in the mail from her mother Martine, she flies to New York to live with her. The two live in a slummy neighborhood but are supported by her mother's various jobs and through support of her Haitian lawyer boyfriend Marc...