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Heretic Sun
Novel, Jan 2003, 229 pp. ISBN: 1591050839 Thraxis the powerful black wizard and his barbarian wife Arrow, a trained warrior, have traveled to the Sanctum Minoris of Gypta to see the parents who relinquished him at birth to be raised by the Athraskani Vilhardovin in the Sanctum Majoris. When his former mentor learns that he is alive and well she and the Black Council journey to Gypta to try to bring him back in line with the tenets of his order. ...
Tyrant Moon
Novel, May 2002, 276 pp. ISBN: 193169656X The Skald warrior, The Arrow That Flies the Farthest, knows she is the last hope to save her people, but though she would prefer hand to hand combat, she realizes she needs something more mystical. She seeks the most powerful of the Athraskani wizards, Thraxis to stop Balthazar and the magic of his jewel. However, Thraxis is no longer a practicing wizard because Balthazar has cursed him with a death s...
Hard Shell, Dec 2001, 244 pp. ISBN: 0759901880 Knowing the ice is taking control of his land and making it more and more hostile, Emperor Jahcgroth decides the only way to save his people and his rule is to relocate to a more hospitable locale. He chooses Jenel, persuading the corrupt advisors to the young Queen Rozah that marriage between the royals is good for both countries. The famous wizard Ax believes the end justifies the mean. In tha...