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St. Martin's, June 2004, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0312318200 Deputy Commissioner Stephen R. Carlyle, the liaison between the Corrections Department and the Parole Board, is a married man with two sons. He uses the services of a high priced call girl Genevieve. Pictures of them having sex are sent to his office and Carlyle knows blackmail will follow. Soon after he receives the pictures, Genevieve, according to a witness, deliberately is run over. ...
Inside Out
St. Martin's, August 2003, 24.95, 368 pp. ISBN 0312285825 She is justifiably proud that though she is female and only thirty-five years old, she is the superintendent of Horizon House, a halfway house for ex-cons about to be released into society. At present, the only irritant in Nat's life is Suzanne, a Horizon House inmate and the mother of her lover's five-year-old son, Jakey. Detective Leo Coscarelli has custody of Jakey but he wants Suzann...
Killing Time
St. Martin's, July 2002, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN 0312285663 As the superintendent of Horizon House, a pre-release facility for felons, Natasha Price is proud of her accomplishments and the success of the program. Still she's a little uneasy that her best friend Maggie Austin is socially involved with one of her clients, Dean Thomas Walsh who served eight years behind bars for rape. When a police officer answers the phone and tells Nat that Maggie i...