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Dragon's Treasure
Karadur Atani, the Golden Dragon of Chinguara, survivor of his fathers cruelty and madness and his brother's jealousy and betrayal in attempting to wrest the right to rule from him, has grown through all these and other trials and now rules Dragon Keep. He is just, fair, eating with his men and among his people. He learns to keep his dragon-like abilities to burn and kill from reactively striking out at those people around him and especially those who t...
Dragon's Winter
Twin sons are born to the Dragon-Lord, Kojiro Atani: Karadur and Tenjiro. Karadur, the elder by a few minutes, inherits his father's power to change into a savage dragon. Tenjiro does not. As the two boys grow to maturity, rivalry gnaws at Tenjiro, even though he has his own innate wizardly ability. Tenjiro leaves Ippa, hoping to find a teacher. He returns, subtly changed. Shortly after, Tenjiro tricks Karadur's lover, Azil, into helping him create a box...