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Perfect Love
Dunne, Jun 2003, 13,95, 438 pp. ISBN: 0312324642 In Hampshire England, for the two decades that she has been married to sixty-years old Max Valour, Prue and her stepdaughter Violet have never gotten along with each other. Pleased with her marriage, Prue enjoys her current life raising their young child Jane and working on a Joan of Arc bio. However, her contented days end when Violet returns from living in the states. Accompanying Violet is her s...
The Good Wife Strikes Back
Viking, Dec 2003, 24.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0670032808 For almost two decades Fanny Savage has been the perfect political wife doing whatever her beloved Will needed. As she turns closer to fifty, Fanny knows she sacrificed her own needs to support whatever Will required of her as a spousal paragon. Will has become a British cabinet minister, but has higher aspirations. As their only child graduates high school, Fanny feels a deep need to achieve...