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When Taylor Madison's Volkswagen broke down just outside of Perdue, Texas' limits, she wondered if this whole trip was worth it. After all, her editor was waiting for her new book and Taylor was flat broke after paying for her mother's funeral expenses. How on earth was she going to afford to pay for car repairs? Still, at least her trusty Beetle made it to the little town where her mother grew up and where her Aunt Tessa lived. Taylor had never met her ...
Triple Threat
In Triple Threat, Taylor is saddened to hear that Hank Barton of Hope's Feed & Hardware has passed away. Hank was the first one to welcome Taylor into Perdue and let her stay in the apartment above his store for free until she had the means to move out. He was survived by his daughters: Lily & Rose who had just moved back to town a year or so ago. Lily ran a flower shop, Rose a secondhand clothing store and Rose's husband, Justin, took over the hardware ...
Twice Dead
Taylor Madison has settled down into her father's old house in Perdue, Texas and is busy trying to write a new mystery novel, keep anyone from noticing that Cal Arnette, the man running for Sheriff in a month's time and her boyfriend, is spending most nights over at her house, and stay on top of the gossip coming from her neighbor Dorothy. So the last thing she needs is to find a skeleton in her friend Bonita "Bo" Posey's closet. Well, chimney in this ca...