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Fatal Fortune
Lottie Baldwin impulsively moved to Cheyenne, North Dakota after a bad break up to be closer to her old college friend, Janet Larson. Janet stood by her and remained her friend even when the rest of the small town's population shunned her because of her "gift." Lottie had gradually made a place for herself there and did the occasional Tarot reading and other odd job to support herself. She started dating Harlan Erikson, a sheriff's deputy, and, even thou...
Lady of the Two Lands (Literature)
Lady of the Two Lands by Elizabeth Delisi introduces you to Hattie Williams-a lonely artist living in Chicago whose current job is drawing illustrations of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Little does she know that she will soon be thrown into an ancient battle for power that will change her life forever…Hatshepsut, the recently widowed Queen of Egypt is poisoned by one of her loyal servants in an plot to reign over Egypt…Through ancient magic, Hattie is cat...
Lady of the Two Lands (Romance)
Novel Books, Apr 2003 ISBN 1591051932 Museum Egyptian Curator Thomas Harris hires artist Harriet Williams to draw the illustrations of a book on the first female Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Though Thomas is confident in Hattie's talent, the illustrator struggles to capture the subject's visage. To inspire Hattie, Thomas allows her to see jewelry not yet shown to the public. Hattie touches a necklace, but instead of sensing herself alone in a backroom,...